How to get onto Club Ed Chat

1. Join Club Ed
Join Club Ed
After arriving at Web-and-Flow (, look for the buttons to enter Club Ed and click one of them.

2. New User?
If you are enjoying an extended 3 - 6 month trial membership or are a paid member, and this is your first visit to Club Ed, you will have to register. Because Club Ed uses separate software, it doesn't know your Web-and-Flow username and password. We suggest you click on the New Users button and fill in the info, using your Web-and-Flow username and password just to simplify your life. If you're a guest, you can view the discussions, but can't add to them or join realtime chats.

3. Log-in for Club EdIf you are a returning user of Club Ed, simply enter your username and password, then click Enter. (By the way, we wouldn't bet our lives that the "remember my password" feature works.)

4. Click on ChatOnce you're into Club Ed, you'll see a column of conferences / discussion topics on the left. To get into the chat, click on the button in the top ribbon.

5.Chat LinkIn the right hand frame, a link to the Club Ed Chat will appear. Click on this link. This starts java and loads the applet that let's us chat right in the Web browser. This often takes up to a minute or more so gather your thoughts, jot down a few questions to ask, or grab a cuppa.

6.Once the applet loads, you're ready to get started. Float & Nickname
When the screen settles down, type a one word name or nickname into the text field. This name will identify yourself to the group.

You can also play around with the actions and sounds to see what they do.

Also, it's usually easier to use the chat interface when it's floating in its own window, so click in "float" to make this happen.


Any new software takes some time to get used to. We've found the Chat program in this service to be pretty good.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. If you use the Web-based chat (by clicking on the Chat menu button), this will start a java applet that runs the chat software. Needless to say your browser has to support java and have it enabled in the preferences.

  2. We've found that when we're pushing our computers' RAM to the limit, the java-based Chats sometimes crash out. We suggest closing all applications besides your browser.

  3. If your ISP drops your connection automatically when it doesn't sense activity, you might be dropped during the chat session because to the ISP it doesn't look like you're using the connection. Try surfing just a little during the Chat or reset the auto disconnect time on your ISP connection.

  4. Let us know if you're having repeated problems (please give details about operating system, browser version, etc.)

  5. You can also access the #ClubEdChat channel with any IRC client. Just point it to and join the #ClubEdChat channel. If you want to learn more about this approach, go to the Web site IRC Help.


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