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(rationale + outline)

How do you know which Custom Design to choose? You're the boss, but we've got a few ideas we've picked up by working with teachers around the world. Learn about things like how a Hotlist can be cooler than a WebQuest.


The Activity Formats / Learning-Centered Scaffolds
Review the refined ideas from the original Working the Web article.

Hotlist -> Sampler -> WebQuest (MMS for June/Sept Issue)
How do you know when a Hotlist is better than a WebQuest or ways to make your WebQuest more powerful by starting it off with feeling? This article suggests some patterns teachers have been finding helpful.


(Process / Job Aid with clipped images) Use Web-and-Flow Interactive to turn your gathered links into a Topic Hotlist.
Aspects about the Custom Design

Overview of the Custom Design Phase

Who's Tom & Why's he Giving me Tips?

Explore completed Web-and-Flow activities


You can do the Quick-and-Dirty method of going with the default text for titles, intros and conclusions, then try your hand at personalizing your work.

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