Creative Brief - Test Your Topic

Finding the Learning Gap

Finding the Learning Gaps is one of three phases making up The Creative Brief. The purpose of the phase is to help you clearly identify the learning goals you have for students and thus better shape the activity you're in the midst of creating.

Learning "gaps" refer to a formula offered by Prof. Allison Rossett. When we set a vision for optimal achievement, then subtract the actual state, we're left with the "learning gap:"

Optimals _ Actuals = Learning Gap

When we know the Learning Gap, we can design activities focused specifically on developing the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and / or values that need bolstering. This is the heart of goal-based design and the basis of Web-and-Flow Interactive.

Finding the Learning Gap begins, then, by Setting a Vision (the optimal achievement), reflecting on Growth Areas (the actual performance) and then selecting from one of 6 activity formats designed to address specific learning goals. During these processes, you will spend a little bit of time jotting down ideas and clicking checkboxes, but perhaps a fair bit longer reflecting and brainstorming.


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