Note: A brief description of this process follows at the bottom of the page.
Link Flow

Tracking the Twitch of your Link Type Antenna

You're surfing/searching the Web on a topic...

You bump into a site that seems useful to the topic / learning goal:

First Question: Is this a Web site with heaps of stuff on your topic or just one page that holds potential?

If it's a Web site , then does it offer any collections (photo gallery, fables, tesselations, types of clouds, etc.) on your topic? If the answer is yes, then select Typical.

If the answer is no, then select = Huge

If what you're looking at is just one page, then go through these questions:

Second Question: Does something grab you about this Web site?

if No = consider moving on

if Yes = what grabs you?

Good info? = info-rich

Tugs at your emotions? = Emotive

Creates sparks with juxtaposition, different viewpoints, etc.? = Perturbing

If you still can't quite pin the Link Type down, don't worry, select = ???

Note: You will be able to change / adjust these selections later if you want to.

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