Tips on Searching

Giving tips on searching is a bit like kissing lessons: no one wants to be told they're doing it wrong because we're all reasonably happy with the outcome. But sometimes we're not. And some people can spend an awful long time puckering and then never make contact. That's no fun.


The way the Web has matured recently, heading right to a search engine may not be the best choice for you. What Web-and-Flow recommends is meeting up with someone who's already done the work for you. Many lovely souls are out there in cyberspace collecting, sorting, and indexing sites on almost any topic you can imagine.

So, that's our one main tip. Look for a collection of sites someone else has put together on your topic. You won't always be able to find this, but it's getting increasingly likely. That's why we listed Blue Web'n, The Mining Company, and Ask Jeeves on top. These sites make a point of collecting what they call hotlists, directories, or indexes. Search these sites first before heading to a search engine.

If/when you go to a search engine, it's probably worth your time to read the search tips. This is especially true if you've not been lucky finding sites. But then again, maybe you're just working on the perfect pucker?

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