Creative Brief - The What-If Inventory

The Teacher's Guide

Moving through the three phases of the Creative Brief helps you focus on your topic, goals, and resources available for each activity you design. Through the wonders of Web-and-Flow, you're also simultaneously generating a teacher's guide that will accompany your activity. When someone wants to use what you've created, they are also just one link away from reading what your goals were in putting the activity together.

Specifically, the Teacher's Guide posts the following data from the Creative Brief:

  • Your Name
  • Your email address
  • A link to your homepage
  • Topic and subtopics
  • Grade level and course information
  • Standards to be achieved
  • Your Vision
  • The Actual Reality
  • The main learning goal

In addition, you can add facilitator's tips for those who may want to use the activity. Furthermore, once your activity is automatically posted, people can easily send you questions or feedback about the activity. This promotes the kind of active learning community that brings out all our best efforts and keeps us inspired.

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