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(rationale + outline)

You've given students Hotlists to add more research potential and you've targeted specific learning goals, now it's time to take on making the tricky one.


Why WebQuests?
WebQuests have become the most popular approach for integrating the Web with classroom learning activities. Read about some educational theories that suggest this is a good idea.

The WebQuest Design Process
An elaboration of the process Tom March uses / teaches for creating WebQuests. Move through three main phases of inherent in developing a WebQuest. Each of the phases have been integrated into Web-and-Flow Interactive.

WebQuests 101

The 3R's of WebQuests


(Process / Job Aid with clipped images)

Use the links below as needed.

WebQuest Tip Pages from Web-and-Flow

Tips on Sorting Roles

Ideas on Transforming Information into Understanding

Background on Transformation Scaffolds

Transformation Decision Tree

Tips on Getting Real World Feedback

WebQuest Tip Pages from ozline.com

Input · Transformation · Output
   a training WebQuest

WebQuest Pre-Write
   an interactive worksheet

Uncovering the Question / Task
   ideas & examples

WebQuest Template
   if HTML is your game

WebQuest Designer's Checklist
   self-check key elements

WebQuest Rubric
   is it or is it ain't a WebQuest?


Use Web-and-Flow Interactive to design a solid draft of a WebQuest. Post it to the discussion and use the rubric to give each other feedback.

Club Ed

Post questions, comments, elicit feedback

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