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Web-and-Flow is an affordable, motivating and responsive learning environment designed to support intelligent integration of the Web into classroom practices. Using Tom March's well-established approach to Web-based education, Web-and-Flow combines a powerful interactive tool with online professional development and a community of enthusiastic educators. There's nothing else like it. While others offer software solutions, online courses, or in-person consulting, Web-and-Flow does it all and uses the power of the Web to make it all cost-effective.

The Web-and-Flow Story

Since the birth of the World Wide Web, the people behind Web-and-Flow have been creating online solutions for education. The core team first came together as Pacific Bell Fellows at San Diego State University where they designed such popular sites as Blue Web'n, Filamentality, an array of WebQuests, and online training pages (see

In 1998, Tom March moved to Australia where he started Pty Ltd, a Web design and content consultancy for Web-based learning. Web-and-Flow combines all he and his team know about successful education, professional development, and online learning. Furthermore, in this evolving world of the Web, we're proud to say that in our business, we're making it up as we go along.

The Web-and-Flow Team

Tom March
creative design, vision, business plan and implementation

Jodi Reed
programming, interface and content design

Keith Nuthall
content, tool development, training, standards integration, and implementation

Art Wolinsky
communications tools, training, implementation

School Change Network

School Change Network
School Change Network is a research, development, and consulting firm that specializes in the creation of web-centric professional tools for educators. Specifically, School Change Network joins the Web-and-Flow team to contribute its expertise in the design of evaluation tools and processes for large-scale subscribers interested in achieving measurable curriculum change.

Additional consultants are used to support regional and statewide subscribers.

Aspects of the Web-and-Flow Environment

Web-and-Flow Interactive

The Web-and-Flow rapid prototype tool forms the heart of our project-based professional development program. Educators use this interactive site to create their own Web-based learning activities for students. As teacher and librarians use the tool, they can access online articles, tutorials, and activities to meet key needs while they are in the creative process. Furthermore, because we are driven by user feedback, we continually create new online help support and enhanced features to respond to our subscribers' needs. Explore the Web-and-Flow site to learn more.

Just-in-time Workshops

Because we do lots of in-person training and presentations, we get to see and hear what professional development trainers need to help their colleagues master working the Web for education. That's why we create Just-in-time mini workshops that focus on key milestones in the learning process. We shape the use of Web-and-Flow for various levels of users: newcomers, college of Ed students, hardened luddites, or the pioneers that take all those early arrows.

Workshops are always available online, with realtime support rotated throughout the semester, so you can always access a workshop Just-in-Time. Look for mini workshops like:

  • What in the world is transformation?

  • To Hunt, Sample, or Quest...that is the question?

  • I'm way advanced. Now what?

Club-Ed Online Community

We've found that what's needed to keep the momentum and enthusiasm going after the initial excitement and professional development sessions is a vibrant community of like-spirited educators working toward the same goal. Maybe you've been part of a staff or team where if you didn't know something, you knew who did and they were willing to help you. That's the kind of group we've got going. Come join us on for:

  • Web Board Feeback

  • Realtime Chats

  • Videoconferences

We bring you interesting educators with first hand experience on matters related to using the Web to grow what you know. And of course, the Web is the world, so you can talk about anything having to do with teaching and learning. Furthermore, we love fiddling with the latest advancements in Web & communication technologies. We also like reliable software and can't stand crashes, so let our team of experts sort through what's new, cool, stable, and cost efficient so your staff doesn't have to. We only use or invent software that wants to reduce your headaches. We're determined to take the timesuck out of technology.

For those groups interested in getting training for smaller scale subscriptions, Tom, Keith and Art are available to deliver in-person workshops. Even if you don't have a large number of teachers in your group, you might find that a combination of in-person and online interaction achieves more than you could by other means. Use the email link at the bottom of this page and we'll work something up that meets your needs and budget.

Partner Packages: Group Pricing and Benefits

Web-and-Flow Interactive has been designed so that a teacher working alone could get a helpful boost learning to work the Web for education. The best use, however, makes use of the whole Web-and-Flow environment to support incredibly cost effective systemic change. By participating and using the smartest tools, teachers get hands-on experience and support as they prepare their curriculum for a rapidly changing world. See how a large-scale application of the Web-and-Flow Environment can change the way your district, region or state delivers professional development.

All levels of subscription have access to the Web-and-Flow Interactive tool, Just-in-Time Workshops and our range of Web-based communication software and events. Once a group reaches the 501 - 1000 level, they gain additional support. We believe that rather than cheaper software, what's needed is professional development training, in-person and online support as well as evaluation for systemic change.

The following are examples of costs and benefits to larger scale Partners. Each package is custom designed to the Partner's needs.

Whereas members purchasing a single subscription renew yearly, we've found that because large-scale subscribers have local people to help new users, the Web-and-Flow staff doesn't have to provide as much support. This has allowed us to now give three year subscriptions to purchasers of 100 or more memberships.

1 - 100
$25 ($2500) 4 free desk copies

101 - 300 - three years of use for the same price.
$23 ($6900 / saves $600 over list price $7500)

300 - 500
$21 ($10,500 / saves $2000 over list price $12,500)

501 - 1000
$20 ($20,000 / saves $5000 over list price $25,000)

Once your group subscribes for over 1000 memberships, together we will design a Partner Package to meet your needs. You can tap into the following kinds of support:
    - Videoconferences for trainers / mentors
    - Train-the-trainer workshops
    - In-person keynotes or presentations to stakeholders
    - Web-and-Flow staff member assigned to support use
    - Evaluation tools and data preparation
    - State Standards integrated into Web-and-Flow Interactive
    - Further customization of Web-and-Flow will be considered

Please contact Tom March directly if you have any questions.


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