10 Reasons to Pay

5 Reasons that help You   ·   5 Reasons that help Us

(in other words, why not make it a win-win?)

5 Good Reasons that Help You

  1. The Super Teacher Syndrome
  2. If you're visiting this Website we can be pretty sure you're prone to: care about kids, want learning to relate to the real world, chair some committees and sit on others, write grants, fuss over your curriculum, etc. etc. etc. You also probably de-bug glitches, advocate for bandwidth, and mentor computerphobic colleagues. So why not let Web-and-Flow be the one bit of technology that actually does make your life easier?

  3. A Brave New World
  4. When the world in all its splendid chaos enters your classroom via an Internet connection, will your students muster their critical thinking skills or become just so much "node kill" along the Info Super Highway? Web-and-Flow helps you quickly create learning-centered activities that prompt higher order thinking.

  5. Being Web-based Saves you Money
  6. Ozline is a small company. We don't pay hefty salaries, finance swank offices, or inflate costs with expensive advertising. We're a Mom and Pop operation. Our storefront is a Website. We rely on word of mouth and a reputation for serving the learning community. Because of our low expenses and a potentially large market, Web-and-Flow can be both valuable and inexpensive.

  7. We Have a Solid Track Record
  8. Since 1995, we have been involved in creating models like the WebQuest, online resources like Blue Web'n, and interactive tools like Filamentality. Web-and-Flow builds on this background and incorporates new ideas and strategies used successfully during recent in-person workshops.

  9. When Filamentality's not Enough
  10. Jodi Reed and Tom March created Filamentality for Pacific Bell while on fellowship. People are still discovering it and we regularly get positive feedback. But even Fil's limited. If you want a front end design process, a faster link gathering interface, vastly improved activity formats with evaluation rubrics, and an online community of enthusiastic web educators like yourself, then you'll want to try Web-and-Flow.

5 Good Reasons that Help Us

  1. The Fellowship's Over
  2. They say that all good things come to an end. This is true of the Pacific Bell Fellowship. For three years Tom, Jodi, and Linda were paid fulltime salaries and given free reign to build applications for Pacific Bell's Knowledge Network Explorer website. Although we're all contracted to continue some work on the site, when the three year term ended, Tom March moved his family to Australia and started ozline. Even in Aussie it costs money to throw a shrimp on the barbee, so Web-and-Flow is our first fee-based Web site.

  3. Chasing the American Dream in the Australian Bush
  4. We moved to Australia to be near family and as a great place to raise our children. After a year here, we've just bought seven acres of beautiful bushland complete with a dilapidated cattle shed as its only dwelling. The success of Web-and-Flow will determine how long it takes before we build our home amidst the gum trees and wallabies.

  5. Dollars = R & D
  6. Ozline earns its money by creating commercial Websites, contracting with other educational organizations, and conducting in-person training. The more income generated by Web-and-Flow, the more we can concentrate on research and development, not bread and butter. We're building Web-and-Flow to be the most effective educational web design site on the Net, but we've got a few ideas we'd like to pursue as future projects (hint: we've already secured the domain name for a student version of Web-and-Flow).

  7. Team Effort
  8. We love what we do: teaching was a blast, the work with Pacific Bell and San Diego State University was a thrill, and now with ozline we're able to pursue what we think we do best: listen to what teachers say they need, ponder a while, then go to the keyboard to see if we can crank it out. With Web-and-Flow, we actually have a place for this dialogue, sharing, and redesign. How exciting!

  9. Violin, Gymnastics, and Dirt Bikes...
  10. Kids can get expensive, can't they? Like all parents, we want to fuel our children's interests, so the violin and swimming lessons have started, with gymnastics and cricket around the corner. And the son who three months ago got off training wheels now says he'll need a dirt bike soon. Oh, yeah, and there's college, too... Web-and-Flow, can you work some magic here?

So are you ready to register for Web-and-Flow?


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