Jo Flow

Joe Flow
Social Studies / English
Waycool School District

Why I Teach

When did things shift from doing what I loved and loving learning into stultifying exercises in restraint, uniformity, and maintaining a straight row? This question inspires me to keep learning real, challenging, and relevant both for myself and for students. This is not to say I've never exerted restraint, encouraged uniformity, or tried to maintain straight rows while a teacher... Still my inspiration for teaching has everything to do with the inherent human joy involved in learning.

The Obligatory Bio

Born in the Midwest of the US, I enjoyed a wholesome upbringing of snowball fights, tackle football, playground softball, and daydreams spun to the background scratch of a record player. A Big Ten college education included enough inspiring professors and unscheduled time spent over coffee with friends to encourage reflection and provide a life direction. Several years of travel and writing followed before I found teaching. My years in the classroom combined technology-infusion, an interdisciplinary curriculum and high expectations. In other words, my classrooms reflected my personality: lurking glitches, interesting connections, and a fairly high stress level... I now live in another hemisphere and help others work the Web for Education.

Web sites I Like

National Debt Clock
A Site that lets you calculate what share of 5 trillion you owe.

The Atlantic Monthly
A fine example of a content provider adapting to the new medium
My home on the Web

Web Review
A good place to stay in touch with and learn about what's new in Web Design

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