Instructions for Link Type Show and Tell

One way to understand a new concept is to see examples and get pointers about what to look for. This page should help you along the path to Link Type wisdom. It's also an example of a "Concept Builder" activity.

  1. The numbers "1 · 2 · 3" link to examples to "show" you three Web sites that illustrate that Link Type. The Web sites will pop into this frame. Feel free to stretch around the frames and browser window so that you can see as much as your monitor allows.

  2. When you click the blue title of the Link Type you can read six descriptions of that link type in the field at the top of the table.

You might also benefit from looking at a decision tree for identifying Link Types or reading Thinking thru Linking to see how Link Types relate to such Activity Formats as Knowledge Hunts, Subject Samplers, WebQuests, etc. Once you have a better understanding of the Link Types, return to the "Gather Links" phase by closing this window.

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