Creative Brief - The What-If Inventory

The What-If Inventory

    What if you had all the tech resources in the world?

    What if you tapped all the wealth of the Web?

    What if you and students found great people to collaborate with?

    What if you made the most of local events and interests?

    What if you used all the great non-Web resources available on the topic?

    What if you identified valuable standards that students could achieve?

The purpose for this crucial phase of the Creative Brief / Teacher's Guide is to brainstorm all the possible resources you and students can tap into while creating and completing your activity. Too often we limit our potential before we ever begin. The practicalities and logistics of teaching often stifle creative solutions and new ways of doing things. Later, in the crunch of classroom realities, you may need to be practical about what's really do-able. But now, in this early phase of design, it's going to be helpful to tally any last thing that can make this activity exciting for you and students. Loosen-up, live for a while in the land of What If.

The Interactive Idea Machine for the What-If Inventory provides prompts in four specific areas:

Technology Resources

Internet Potential

Possible Collaborations

Special Events

Your task is to get into a freewheeling brainstorming session so that you can generate lots of ideas, many of which you may never use in this project (but good ideas seem to get used somewhere along the line). Remember one not so great idea may lead to the one that brings the whole activity together, so don't edit or critique any ideas, just jot them down and go for the Flow.

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