Background & Rationale

As you can see on the graphic to the right, the Publication phase gets an asterisk, not a number. This is because most of what happens during this last phase is automatic or a matter of a few mouse clicks, and a bit of reflection.

First, when you've completed the Custom Design phase, Web-and-Flow is ready to automatically post your activity on the Web. It will also let other Web-and-Flow subscribers know about your new baby by announcing it on our private Club Ed discussion list. This way other can use your activity and/or provide you with feedback. Lastly, as an aid to others and a chance to capture your thinking, you can customize a Teacher's Guide that's been assembled from your previous work (the Creative Brief) and your on the activity once you've tried it with students.

So now you've moved through the whole Web-and-Flow process. Ready for another? Want to join in the online community chats and discussions to share your success? Please do. If haven't already registered, why not read 10 reasons why we think you should?


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