The Web and Education - Theory


Now that you've Gotten to know the Web at least a little and see how it's different than other media, let's think about ways to use it in education. The following tutorial offers some conceptual guidelines about ways the Web is similar to and different from traditional education. It also asks you to think about the roles we play as teachers.


Working the Web for Education
The theory and practice of integrating the Web for learning. This is the original article that discusses Zen in the Art of teaching with the Web and five activity formats for achieving learning goals with the Web.

Education's Name for the Web
Al Gore got us thinking about the Web and "The Information Super Highway." This was helpful in mobilizing interest and resources, but the expression is more detour than road map for those involved in promoting the Web's use in education.

Are We There Yet?
Isn't it silly to think driving a car would ensure a great family vacation? Isn't it just as silly to think using a computer guarantees learning achievement? This parable compares technology integration to a family auto vacation.


Read the articles in this tutorial, taking note of key points of agreement, disagreement and topics that require further discussion. Feel free to print out the articles and highlight them.


Reflect on your overall reactions to the articles and then join the Club Ed conference titled The Web and Education. Share a statement on how you feel the Web impacts education or strategies you've used for making this a happy integration. Respond to the questions, comments, and feedback of others in the Web-and-Flow community.

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