In 1999, Tom March launched Web-and-Flow as a method for helping educators work the Web. This interactive software guides users to design, gather, and format Web activities for their learners.

What is Web-and-Flow?
It's an interactive design site.
 It's a just-in-time workshop.
  It's an interactive book.
   It's an expert system.
    It's an HTML editor.
     It's a Web host.

But when you're "Powered by" Web-and-Flow, the really amazing thing happens:
Your school, district, region or state runs its own version of Web-and-Flow so that the pages made by our software are designed to use your home site's navigation / look-and-feel for a seamless interface for your teachers, students and stakeholders. Click on the graphic below to learn more.
Powered by WF
  Serving Educators
   WebQuest pages
   Columns & articles
   In-person support

   celebrating the Best

Crool Zone?
   a WebQuest series

Searching for China
   & other activities

Eyes on Art
   for learning to look

Black History Month
   an array of activities

Who's Footing the Bill
  activities on US debt

Working the Web
   theory & practice

   Spins thinking Webs

Blue Web'n
  library of sites



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