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Quick Start Tips
Find Your way around the Web-and-Flow interface. Of course you could skip this and just start clicking around...

Getting onto Club Ed & Chats
Get a step-by-step explanation of how to join and access the Club Ed WebBoard. Especially learn what to do to join one of our regularly scheduled chat sessions.

Low-Cost, System-wide Staff Development
Web-and-Flow was designed to help change education, and do it on the cheap. Learn how it provides a comprehensive curriculum and professional development environment to support all the investments you've already made in hardware, infrastructure and staff training.

Getting to Know the Web
By creating your own Personal Homepage, you'll get an introduction to the Web (as well as Web-and-Flow). We suggest that everyone start here because you'll also get a feeling for where you are on the 10 Stages to Web-Use Nirvana.

The Web and Education
It helps to get a vision for how to Work the Web for Education. This module provides conceptual frameworks for how to integrate the Web into learning activities.

Getting Started with a Topic
Developing a Creative Brief is a good way to know when you've got a topic worthy of working into a Web-based activity. This module helps funnel ideas into a brainstorm and then makes suggestions about what you might want to include in the activity.

Gathering Links
Thankfully, the days we used to spend searching has turned to hours. Make sure you stop here before you get into the Gather Links stage so you can avoid the timesuck of searching and learn a little Link Type Lingo.

Ready, Fire! Aim
When time is limited you might give up on working the Web for education. We suggest an approach that takes little time and can offer a superior learning-centered delivery of your topic.

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