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What is Web-and-Flow and what can you expect after registering?

Let's start by saying that if you're familiar with Filamentality (Pacific Bell's popular Web activity design site), then you'll have a general idea what Web-and-Flow is and does. If you're not familiar with Filamentality, a comparison doesn't help at all, so skip the section below and go right to an overview of Web-and-Flow.

Those of you who know Filamentality probably recognize it as a great, free design tool for people to get started creating their own Web-based learning activities. But like kids say when they're into bragging mode: "Everything Filamentality can do, Web-and-Flow can do better (& faster)." We get to say this because we made Filamentality. Some of the processes shared by Fil and Web-and-Flow are:

      interactive link gathering and activity design
      automatic generation of the HTML to make a Webpage
      immediate posting of the page right on the Web

Extra things you get with Web-and-Flow
that Fil doesn't even offer:

      one password for all the activities you ever make
      an "Intro to the Web" activity for newcomers
      an interactive design phase that helps you get started
      a personal homepage that automatically links to your activities
      personal Webspace for you to FTP your own updates or graphics
      a new activity format that prompts concept development
      new strategies that prompt transformation in WebQuests
      easy to modify rubrics for each activity format
      an automatically generated teacher's guide for each activity
      an online email list community from which you can get feedback
      periodic online chats and events
      more updates and revisions as new ideas emerge

The best way to learn what Web-and-Flow can do for you is to try it out, either by registering or taking the free trial. We also have an FAQ file for those of you who like to read before taking the plunge. And, because this is the Web, you can get an overview of Web-and-Flow by poking around on a graphic.

If you are a mentor, district trainer, consultant, etc. who delivers in-service training, we've made a short guided tour for you. Also, if you teach college of education classes on using the Web/technology for learning, there's a guided tour with suggestions on how you might integrate Web-and-Flow into your semester class.


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